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Attendance Policies


Reporting an Absence

Regular attendance is very important to the learning process and is key to academic success. Please refer to the school calendar so you can plan vacations during our school breaks. If your child must be absent from school, please send a note or telephone the school office (641-5438 Ext. 1010) stating the date(s) absent and the specific reason (illness, doctor’s appointment, etc.) for the absence.           

Attendance Notification

Parents in Ventura Unified know that any time their child is absent from school, they receive a recorded phone message notification from the school.  Parents can then work with the school staff if they have any questions or reply to the school to notify them of the reason for the absence if they had not done that already. 


If a child arrives late to school, he/she should report directly to the office with a note from the parents or guardians explaining the reason for the tardiness before the child goes to his/her classroom. If a student is tardy 15 minutes or more, the parent or guardian must come into the office to sign the student in for the day. Since late students are missing valuable learning time, and their late arrival may be a disturbance to the teacher and other students in class, we have established a policy to discourage tardiness.

●      Students are to be in their classroom by 8:00 am (Second Bell)

●      Excessive Tardies will include a behavior modification plan written by the school and school district. (School Attendance and Review Team known as SART Team.)