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Welcome to Lincoln, home of the Dragons! 

My name is Mark Asher and I am the principal of Lincoln Elementary School. We are proud of Lincoln Elementary School and welcome this opportunity to tell you more about us. The staff at Lincoln Elementary School is committed to providing a child centered community, celebrating diverse and meaningful learning for all children. With just over 200 students in TK-5th grade, we are one of the smaller elementary schools in Ventura,  and we pride ourselves in providing a more intimate and unique school experience for our students and families. In addition, we celebrate our diverse school population which consists of students with rich  multicultural and linguistic backgrounds.  

The staff at Lincoln Elementary School believe each child is unique and deserving of a exciting and supportive educational environment. Each student has access to a rigorous core curriculum in language arts, mathematics, science, and social science. We provide extended learning opportunities such as afterschool program known as ASES and other special programs designed to meet the needs of our students. In addition, the school has a tradition of dedication to arts education. We offer classroom art and music lessons every week to all students at Lincoln and put on multiple events each year to highlight our students’ talents.

We are fortunate to have highly qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers who continually seek professional development opportunities so they can make a difference for their students. We believe in a student-centered approach, which provides an atmosphere in which a child’s social, emotional, and intellectual needs are equally important. All students have special talents and are given the opportunities to develop those talents.

We really care about each one of our students, are we are excited for your child to experience the amazing staff and culture at Lincoln. 

Thank you, and see you soon.